Digital Storytelling Era

Marketing concept has been changing everyday. In the current days, instead of having traditional informative commercials, consumers frequently encounter commercials that appeal to their emotions; consequently, consumers’ decisions are influenced unconsciously which then leads to a favorable decision for the brand. This type of emotional appeal message is the most powerful as it effectively affect and influence users’ feelings toward a brand through an emotional appeal. Neuroscience Marketing briefly talks about an analysis conducted by the IPA which reports that when advertisements gain 31 percent of profit for the brand when the ads deliver purely emotional messages as opposed to only a 26 percent profit gain when the ads persuade consumers combining both rational and emotional appeals, and only 16 percent gain in profit when ads deliver rational message alone.

So why do emotional appeal message work more effectively than rational appeal message? George Boykin explained in his article about the same subject that “human brain runs on idle in a non-thinking state 95 percent of the time. Marketers clearly don’t bet their budgets on consumers being asleep at the switch 95 percent of the time. The stats strongly suggest, however, that people are more susceptible to emotional appeals because their brains are in an idle, subliminal state most of the time.”

Among all the types of emotional appeals, fear is the most powerful appeal due to the stress that negative consequences will be applied or the stress the positive situations might be removed in the near future. Fear appeals work most powerfully and effectively when they are combined with strong emotional persuasion to threaten or emphasize the viewers about uncertainty negative future.

Below is my favorite commercial that utilize all the concepts being mentioned above. The ad is somewhat emotional, maybe controversial, which consequently leads the viewers to ask themselves the very same question of uncertainty arise in the advertisement.

Hope you enjoy the video.



5 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling Era

  1. I was also going to post about this, this is a serious video and is very emotional and I like how it relates it back to smoking but shows a scenario of what can happen. Fear is a powerful appeal and that is what they used in this video to get there point across.

  2. The concept of this video is very simple, but so brilliant in its execution. It truly sends a powerful message that is thought provoking and is almost jarring. I really liked video and think that it is spot on in getting a message across, especially to parents. I wonder if there was controversy that surrounded the release of the video? Anyways, thanks for the share!

    • I am glad that you like the video as well. And yes, there is many many controversy around the release of this video. People are angry about the message of the video carries as it reminds them of their parent who passed away because of smoking. It is a really emotional ad in the end. Thank you for reading!

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